Return – Festival Man: A Novel, by Geoff Berner

Ramblings of the past escapades of a drunk musical director who enjoys partaking in drugs to help his decision-making as he chases the ‘next big thing’ by looking at peripheral extremes of music is the Festival Man. It’s 140+ pages of antics set in Canada makes for a quick and entertaining read.  I appreciate that the story is set within the Calgary Folk Fest. Pick it up to support Canadian artists!

“Calgary is big, and it’s getting bigger all the time. The people who run Calgary would give Jane Jacobs an aneurysm, if they ever met her, but they don’t run in the same circles. Calgary believes in ’50-style suburban-development sprawl. If you see it from the air at night, its lights and grid make it look exactly like a massive Pac-Man game laid out flat on the dark screen of the prairie, and the high price of oil is making it ever-expanding, like a flood, but a flood of garbage.”