We all have dreams – be it to travel somewhere, to meet someone and fall in love or to land the job we’ve always wanted.   More often than not, most of us let those dreams remain as simple escapes of our reality.  We continue through life making excuses as to “why not”, being burdened by ourselves and simply not making the choice to turn those dreams into reality.  My adventure was about making the choice to turn a dream into reality.  In 2011 I packed the contents of my life into storage, left my job and embarked on a 14 month travelling adventure around the world.

The seed that’s grown into a love for travel was planted with that big adventure. Travel remains an essential piece to a life well lived. Adventures can be big and small, near or far – it is about the exploration and the desire to experience something new.

Until they come up with a way to translate thoughts directly into typed words many of the blog posts only live within my mind.

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